100 Days Until #Hoopfest2017

The countdown to Hoopfest 2017 has officially hit 100 days, which means the clock is ticking to sign your team up!

If you haven’t already done so, here is some good news: Now is the perfect time.

All teams that register by the end of March will be entered into a raffle for a shot at a $200 prize giveaway for you and your team at our Hoopfest Nike Store. We will draw the raffle during the first week of April. Don’t worry – each team who has already signed up is already entered!

We’ve devised a quick list of to-dos for you and your squad:

  1. Round up your players and figure out your team name. Remember, as always, teams of four!
  1. Register your team! Head to the Hoopfest website and hit the “play” button. From there you can create an account to register your team with, and the steps are simple. Fill in your team’s information, then track to see which bracket your team lands in!
  1. Back up your game with some swagger. Sure, uniforms are important, as is shown by so many, as is your excitement. Back it up on the court by honing your fundamentals and starting to game plan. It’s never too early to start practicing! And as for that uniform swagger, don’t forget… you can always pick up some fun gear from our Hoopfest Nike Store during the weekend, just don’t wait too long or you might miss out.

The guaranteed deadline to signup is May 8. Sign up today to make sure you have a spot!

Sign your team up today for Hoopfest 2017! 

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