Happy Thanksgiving!

The Spokane Hoopfest Association consists of a group of people with similar passions and values. In the season of giving thanks, it’s only right that the staff gets a chance to say what all they’re thankful for this year. In a unanimous fashion, the Hoopfest team gave thanks for the amazing people in their lives, whether that is friends or

Mike Nilson is Built 4 Ball

At Spokane Hoopfest, we pride ourselves on partnerships with the community, businesses and people. We’ve been working diligently to secure another valuable opportunity for our organization. This time, we’re not teaming up with a company, but an individual. And an admirable one at that. The Spokane Hoopfest Board of Directors has recently added another member and he’s already contributing to

Where There's a Will, There's a Dill

Preparing for Hoopfest weekend is a difficult necessity. How do you recreate such an atmosphere? You need asphalt, some moody weather, yellow duct tape, the occasional shot-altering gust of wind, a snow-cone stand… but most importantly, you need hoops. Enter Austin Dill. A Junior at University High School, Austin was one step away from upgrading from Boy Scout to Eagle

25 Years of Playin' in the Streets of Spokane

The Spokane Hoopfest Association has been around for a while now—25 years to be exact. A milestone such as this needed to be recognized and promoted. But how?? That’s when the Hoopfest team got together and brainstormed the possibilities. The collective minds came up with this brilliant idea: A book. A lot has changed and transformed within the Spokane Hoopfest

Meet Our Team

The Spokane Hoopfest Association is well-known around these parts. The organization is host to a number of programs and events, including Hoopfest, AAU Basketball and the Midnight Basketball Association, just to name a few. Lesser known though are the mysterious beings that run this well-oiled machine. It might seem reasonable that an organization like Spokane Hoopfest would require a team