The Master Behind the Image: Dan Baumer

Spokane photographer Dan Baumer likes to capture stories, not just images. This makes him the ideal fit for Hoopfest, since the stories of over 7,000 teams, 3,000 volunteers and 225,000 fans are hard to squeeze into one poster.

As each June hundreds of thousands of basketball fanatics take to streets and parking lots-turned-courts in Spokane, it’s hard to imagine a time when Hoopfest was not. The tournament has grown, changed and only continues to get better, but it certainly looked different during its inaugural weekend 25 years ago than it does today. One thing, however, has remained absolutely consistent:

Hoopfest Backboard Contest

Calling all young artists! Hoopfest needs your help in decorating our backboards for Hoopfest 2015. Once again we are teaming up with our friends at Moss Adams to bring the color of Hoopfest to the streets of Spokane. Moss Adams is sponsoring Hoopfest for its 26th consecutive year; its investment and employees play an irreplaceable role within the event. To

Strength for Rebounding

Great rebounders don’t wait for the ball to come to them… they go get it. Pursuing rebounds requires mobility and strength above your head in every direction. While general strength exercises are helpful for most athletes, basketball players need to train for the specific demands of their game. The Overhead Shoulder Matrix was designed by the Gray Institute and is

Off the Court with Brett and Bradd Miller

Meet Brett and Bradd Miller—current residents of California, but whose hearts still lie in Basketball City, USA. Brett and Bradd Miller grew up your all-around Spokane basketball kids. In 1993, the twins were in fourth grade in Spokane. As they wrapped up their YMCA basketball season, a friend asked if they wanted to play in Hoopfest. At the time Hoopfest