And the winners are...

With 6,110 teams participating in this year’s Hoopfest, there can only be one winner in each of the 459 brackets. Here are a few of them: Men’s Open JBL Elite Division presented by Huppin’s Spokane Club: An unlikely Hoopfest champion that was ranked #4 in pre Hoopfest standings; a collection of four talented former college players. Bryan Rabas, a prolific outside-shooter

The Weekend for a Court Marshal and Monitor

Ever wonder what Hoopfest Weekend is like for those 87 marshals that wear redshirts and secret service headsets and walk nearly the distance of a marathon over the weekend? Tevin Gianella was a first year marshal and he will be sharing some of his experiences. Court marshals are divided among four sections for the event and are assigned between eight

The workers behind the scenes

After another great year of Hoopfest, we are surrounded by the successes of the weekend. Kids wearing their championship shirts to school. Friends recapping the hilarious teams and fierce match-ups from the weekend. These are just a few examples of the magic. However, none of that would be possible if we, at Hoopfest, did not have all of the wonderful volunteers

27 years of grind

“My joy at this point is playing with my kids,” explains Board member, Skip Templeton. “They didn’t realize when I coached them in AAU all those years, I was really just planning my Hoopfest team!” Since 1990, these Hoopfesters have laced up – be it rain, shine or wind – to take the streets of downtown Spokane at a chance

Maintaining garbage and waste for 250,000 people

Itron is a technology company that is committed to using energy and water in the most resourceful manner. With a vision to create a resourceful world; Itron manages 8,000 customers over 100 countries in electricity, gas, water, thermal energy measurement devices, control technology, communications systems, software and managing consulting services. With a belief to create a sustainable future for all, Itron