The Magic of Hoopfest... A Glimpse From Our Team

What is it that makes Hoopfest so special? So unique? Is it the hundreds of thousands of people from around the globe flooding the streets of Spokane for one weekend? Is it the thousands of volunteers coming together to support a community? Is it the reunions happening between friends and families? Or the new bonds created over the hot asphalt? It’s

Hoopfest Gains Valuable Organizational Tools

Teams are not made from workshops, they are forged from overcoming adversity and achieving goals… this is only one of the many insights we learned from Jason Swain. Jason Swain, the 2016 Agora Award winner for small business in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, is providing Hoopfest with the tools to capitalize on human potential. Swain comes to Spokane by way

Han-Chung Meng: Celebrating 100 Years

In taking a moment to look back on last year, Spokane Hoopfest would like to recognize and thank everyone who continually make our events possible. This month, we would like to thank one of our most senior volunteers, Han-Chung “Harry” Meng, for all of his support to the program. Mr. Meng, who celebrated a century of life just last month, would often be found handing out