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Here at Hoopfest, we are constantly looking to make changes and adjustments that tailor to our ever-changing world. Technology is a key factor in this. For us, we use technology for our registration, promotion, social media and so much more. These changes, much like other advancements we’ve made at Hoopfest, couldn’t have been done without the help of our wonderful

Volunteer spotlight: Burt and Kari Kostelecky

To track Kari and Burt Kostelecky’s involvement with Spokane Hoopfest, head back to its second year of operation. Burt started playing in its second year, and since then he’s played 24 straight years, while they’ve helped out with everything from handing out packets, to taping courts, to player registration, to the Committee Chair of the Sponsor Garden — a position

Five exercises for financial fitness

Guest blog post provided by our Spokane AAU sponsor: STCU You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) compete for the Spokane AAU Championship Weekend finals without regular workouts. Stick to a regimen, and you’ll be in peak physical shape for moments like today. Apply the same discipline to your financial life, and you’ll be sure to get peak performance from your dollars. Start with