25 Years of Playin’ in the Streets of Spokane

The Spokane Hoopfest Association has been around for a while now—25 years to be exact. A milestone such as this needed to be recognized and promoted. But how??

That’s when the Hoopfest team got together and brainstormed the possibilities. The collective minds came up with this brilliant idea:

A book.

Hoopfest Book Cover

A lot has changed and transformed within the Spokane Hoopfest Association that many people are not aware. Without the dedicated efforts of a number of individuals, Hoopfest weekend would not be where it is today. That’s the purpose of this book—to recognize the people who have helped out the organization’s efforts and celebrate their hard work.

The authors of the book did their very best to not forget anyone. Sponsors, contributors, 25-year players, volunteers, court marshals and monitors, interns over the years, current and former staff… For example, take Bob Shirley. Bob would fold T-shirts, organize gear and other items in storage, vacuum temporary Hoopfest spaces, pump up some 1,500 basketballs, count inventory and sell merchandise.

It’s the Bob Shirley’s of this world that keep our organization going strong. Everyone, regardless of their job, has been an important factor in the success of Hoopfest.

Not to mention there are some great photos to accompany some great stories. Many photographers were able to capture the tenacity, happiness, bruises and immensity of the largest 3-on-3 tournament in the world throughout the 25 years.

In other words, this book is legit and here’s the best part… It’s available now!

Visit hoopfest.pictorialbook.com to purchase your book today.

Here’s to a great 25 years and to the years to come!

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