27 years of grind


“My joy at this point is playing with my kids,” explains Board member, Skip Templeton. “They didn’t realize when I coached them in AAU all those years, I was really just planning my Hoopfest team!”

Since 1990, these Hoopfesters have laced up – be it rain, shine or wind – to take the streets of downtown Spokane at a chance for a shirt and bragging rights.

Congratulations and thank you to the following 27 year players:

Eddie Ambriz
Brian Betts
Rick Betts
Dave Boyer
Steve Chandler
Kevin Cooley
Dan Davis
Clayton Edwards
Kim Eng
John Esch
Richie Fischer
Tom Fuchs
Matt George
Travis Goldsmith
Tim Griffin
Ryan Gum
Tom Hayes
Clay Henry
John Hentges
Rob Hopkins
Ken Johnson
Don Jones
Korey Kekahuna
Ginny Knox
Kevin Konen
Ryan Larsen
Barry Lines
Bill Maley
Jesse McCorkle
Andy Mitchell
Mike Montoya
Kevin Mulligan
David Nelson
Tim O’Doherty
John Offutt
Garrrick Phillips
Greg Phillips
Fred Redmon
Jason Reynolds
Brian Rheingans
Ken Robinson
Jerry Schmidt
Kenny Smith
Matt Stannard
Steve Stockton
Skip Templeton
Todd Thompson
Josh Vandervert
Jeremy Weaver

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  1. Larry Jackson says

    Team DEZZNUTS! Stated in 1990 love hoopfest! Thanks

  2. sally davis says

    Way to go, Dan. I am super proud of you!

    Love you,


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