A Hoopfest 2017 memory two fans will never forget

The memory that will stick in the minds of many participants and attendees alike from Hoopfest 2017 was the image of Kevin Durant and his entourage making their way to Nike Center Court.

It is always Spokane Hoopfest’s goal to make memories and from the reactions of people in the crowd to the explosion on social media, this year was no different.

For one young, first-time player and his mom, Durant was the final piece to a very successful Hoopfest weekend.

Durant fans, JoJo and Rachel Auble, heard rumors of a possible Durant sighting at Hoopfest 2017. Already hopeful, the backboard JoJo was playing on was changed to a Kevin Durant backboard overnight.

Photo courtesy: Rachel Auble

Now, their confidence was sky high. They knew it was possible, but they needed confirmation. They headed toward Nike Center Court, the most obvious location for an NBA Finals MVP to appear.

It was noon at this point but they had to get a good view of Durant, so they waited at Nike Center Court for almost three hours before their dream was realized.

“It was so hot,” Rachel remembers. “But I was willing to wait it out because this was a chance of a lifetime for my son.”

Durant made the special stop in Spokane, Washington specifically for the largest 3on3 basketball tournament in the world to experience the special event, and he surprised his fans in the process, including JoJo.

JoJo was in the front row, right behind the basket. His face was pure jubilation when Durant was introduced to the crowd.

“It felt amazing seeing Kevin Durant!” JoJo exclaimed. “KD is one of my favorite players and he is good at shooting 3’s, and he has a really good crossover!”


“We wanted to create a singular iconic moment for all of Hoopfest,” explains Matt Santangelo, Executive Director of Spokane Hoopfest. “Through our partnership with Nike, we were able to accomplish just that … a magical moment in time that will be remembered and retold long into the future”

Come enjoy the magic and don’t run off too early on Hoopfest Sunday – you never know what or who we will bring!

Mark your calendars for Hoopfest 2018, happening on June 30 and July 1, 2018!

What was your favorite part of #Hoopfest2017? Share with us in the comments or on social media and we may share your story!

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