Behind the Scenes: Creating the 2016 Poster


For the second year in a row, Dan Baumer of danscapephotography has been the man behind the lens for Hoopfest’s annual poster. After initially being asked to be a part of the Hoopfest Digital Street Team in 2014, Baumer has been shooting at the last two tournaments, while also being responsible for working with the Hoopfest marketing team to create two beautiful, yet unique, posters. After drawing from his work with the performing arts at The Modern Theater, Dan has come up with two completely different posters, both trying to “convey a story.”

Dan explains, “When I did my first Hoopfest poster in 2015, my goal was to highlight Spokane, even if it showed a bit of this town’s grit.”

The 2015 poster featured local college stars, Kevin Pangos and Gary Bell Jr. of Gonzaga and Parker Kelly off Eastern Washington, squaring off against three local youngsters. With each player coming off respective tournament runs, the theme was “Let’s Dance.”


“Last year’s poster was in one of our many colorful alleyways,” Dan says. “This year is smack dab in the middle of the street courts. It’s bright, colorful and shows the city’s sharp, urban edges but in a loving way.”

The star this time around is none other than reigning World Champion Golden State Warriors and former Washington State Cougars swingman Klay Thompson. With the theme of the poster this year being “Addicted to the feeling of winning,” he feels Thompson was the perfect fit.


“He wants to win! The Hoopfest teams that I’ve met share that feeling,” Dan explains. “Players practice for weeks and months ahead of the tourney in order to win! Klay already has one championship ring. Do you think he’ll stop investing effort for another?”

Thompson follows in the footsteps of other pro basketball champions on the cover of posters from Hoopfests of the past including Sue Bird and Adam Morrison. Dan is also following in impressive footsteps as up until 2014 every Hoopfest poster was shot by Don Hamilton.

“To have the torch passed to me is an incredible honor for many reasons, not the least of which is that I’m following in the footsteps of one of Spokane’s greatest photographers. The posters that he did capture the excitement of the event and highlighted some of the incredible people involved,” says Dan.

“I wanted to maintain some of those themes while adding my own touch.”

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