Broadcasting some Hoopfest love to our Major Sponsor, KXLY

When it comes to knowing what Hoopfest is all about, KXLY’s got it covered. The broadcast group, which consists of multiple radio and TV stations, has been with our organization since 2004.

“For KXLY, being a part of Hoopfest weekend is simply incredible. It’s the biggest weekend of the year for us,” expresses Jim Hazelton, the Creative Services/Special Projects Producer for KXLY. “Hoopfest really connects us with the people in this community and gives us an opportunity to say thanks to the Inland Northwest. Our anchors and radio hosts love getting out of the studio and interacting with people who are all just excited for the weekend.”

Having KXLY on our side reassures us that people will always be-in-the-know when it comes to Hoopfest.

“With KXLY returning as a Major Sponsor, we know that our message is able to reach many of our Hoopfesters,” states Bailee Neyland, the Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development. “Since they’ve been a partner of ours for so long, they have a great understanding of our organization’s operation and all that it takes to pull off the world’s largest 3on3 outdoor basketball tourney.”

You can find KXLY at Nike Center Court all weekend long, right in the middle of the action! As you explore the Hoopfest site, you’re sure to come across the many radio stations that KXLY operates, as well.

“Hoopfesters can expect to see our TV station right downtown this year. Our radio stations each have their own fun surprise planned so you’ll have to stop by each one and check them out,” explains Hazelton. “As always, you can expect all the highlights and great stories on our radio stations and channels, including the championship special Sunday night on KXLY 4 News. Our Facebook pages will be filled with Hoopfest content, not just for the weekend but also the week leading up to it.”

In addition to providing information on all things Hoopfest, KXLY helps us to develop fun ways of connecting with our large audience. For example, we are always excited to have some exclusive Nike merchandise and Hoopfest swag available during our tournament weekend. This year, we worked with KXLY and their Good Morning Northwest anchor, Derek Deis, to inform Hoopfesters about our socks. Check it out here!

“Derek’s sock pitch video is classic Hoopfest. We decided to just have fun with it because that’s what Hoopfest is all about,” Hazelton says. “We weren’t sure how we were going to sell socks so we decided to go all ‘QVC’ on it. Derek nailed it.”

From creating fun videos pre-Hoopfest to an appreciated presence throughout Hoopfest weekend, KXLY has been a valued partnered for quite some time. Hoopfest looks forward to another weekend with KYLY on our team.

Make sure you’re hitting the streets of downtown Spokane to see KXLY around our site for Hoopfest 2017!

If you’re wanting to visit the KXLY team at Nike Center Court, please note that we have relocated Nike Center Court in the Bennett Block.

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