Capture your #Hoopfest2017 memories with Numerica’s Photoboxx

As the saying goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words. One of our favorite things is to see pictures and hear stories of people enjoying Hoopfest Weekend and making memories. Our longtime Major Sponsor, Numerica Credit Union, thinks so too!

“Partnering with Numerica helps us to enhance the experience of the quarter of a million people who come to enjoy our tournament weekend,” says Bailee Neyland, the Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development. “From watching elite hoops at Nike Center Court to receiving hugs during a reunion of friends, there are many opportunities to make long-lasting memories at Hoopfest, and we’re excited for Numerica to help capture them.”

Since 2010, Numerica has partnered with Hoopfest to bring hoops to the streets of Spokane the last weekend in June.

“Numerica Credit Union is committed to enhancing lives, fulfilling dreams and building communities,” says Paige Harding, the Community Relations Assistant for Numerica. “Numerica understands that life and money are in constant motion. For more than 75 years, we’ve helped protect and advance our members’ financial health by offering better rates, lower fees, innovative solutions to reduce stress and outstanding support. Whether it’s helping you buy your dream home, retire comfortably, or start your own business, Numerica is here to help.”

As a valued member of our Major Sponsors team, Numerica is dedicated to serving Hoopfesters during our tournament weekend.

“Numerica is committed to supporting causes that help to create leaders and celebrate our community. That is exactly what Hoopfest inspires,” Harding expresses. “Hoopfest has transcended beyond just a basketball tournament to an embodiment of collaboration, support and community. Numerica is proud to support the continuous strides of Hoopfest and their celebration of our community.”

Last Hoopfest, Numerica took over an activation at Hoopfest Weekend that combines community with pictures and uses social media. Photoboxx, self-nicknamed as the “Social Media Hashtag Printer,” is always a favorite Hoopfest element.

“Numerica knows that life is in constant motion, especially at Hoopfest! We want to give people a reason to take a moment and capture the excitement of the weekend,” explains Harding. “What better way to reflect on great Hoopfest memories than with a photo? Helping to make Photoboxx possible at Hoopfest is just a little way that Numerica can help keep the good memories coming.”

And keeping good memories coming is something we’re interested in at Hoopfest, too!

“Hoopfest is thankful that Numerica has been a great partner to our organization for seven years and we are excited that they are bringing Photoboxx back,” states Bailee Neyland, Hoopfest’s Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development. “Being able to bring another interactive element to the weekend that Hoopfesters can not only use, but receive a meaningful gift, elevates their experience and captures what Hoopfest is all about: creating magic, enriching lives and building community.”

There are a lot of special moments that happen during the world’s largest 3on3 basketball tournament. From teammates being silly to families reuniting in Basketball City, U.S.A., Numerica’s Photoboxx can capture them all! “We are always hearing stories about teams of friends who continue to play year-after-year. Teams of kids who have grown and are now playing together as adults,” Harding says. “Or, how family and friends who have moved away, come back together to play for Hoopfest. These stories show the magic of Hoopfest and how it truly keeps our community connected.”

Check out last year’s photo backdrop options from Numerica’s Photoboxx activation:

Photoboxx is a fun, easy way to use your social media accounts to show the world your Hoopfest experience. Unlike normal Instagram or Twitter posts, if you use the official #Hoopfest2017 in your post, you’ll have the opportunity to get your pictures printed out.

It’s pretty simple to use Photoboxx during Hoopfest:

  1. Pose– Snap a picture of yourself and/or you with fellow Hoopfesters.
  2. Post– Post the picture to your Instagram or Twitter account with the official #Hoopfest2017.
  3. Print– Make your way to the Photoboxx location in the Red Wagon Meadow to print out and pick up your FREE picture!

Our Major Sponsor, Numerica, is bringing Photoboxx back for #Hoopfest2017 so that you can take a snapshot of our tournament weekend back home with you!

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