Calling All Court Monitors Learn More and Sign Up!

Calling all basketball fans! Do you like free head to toe Nike gear and love watching basketball? Then it sounds like being a court monitor is the perfect way to get involved at this year’s Hoopfest tournament.

A monitor is responsible for overseeing a court for around 10-11 hours on Saturday and 6-7 on Sunday. Court monitors duties are to check in players, make sure the score is correct, enforce the rules and maintain order on the court. No previous experience is required and you will learn everything you need to know at one of four Hoopfest training sessions. And yes that is also where you will pick up your new Nike shoes, shorts and t-shirt that you will wear for the weekend then get to keep! Monitors can also request to be paired with certain teams or divisions so that they can watch their friends and family at the event. For more information you can watch this video.


Spokane native Karis Clark has been a Hoopfest court monitor for seven years now and she says, “Being a court monitor at Hoopfest is awesome! I have even made a Hoopfest family of court monitors and it is tradition the we go get fish tacos each year.”

Karis, a Ferris High School alum, monitors the adult guys each year and loves watching them compete. She started volunteering as a way to get more involved in the excitement that is Hoopfest weekend and has fallen in love with it. Her advice to those thinking about monitoring this year is, “get out and go do it and get some free shoes. It’s only one weekend of your life and I bet you will be surprised how much fun you will have.”


Another person that can be found with a whistle Hoopfest weekend is Mead High School student Addison Armstrong, who has helped out at the tournament the past five years. This will be his third year as a court monitor. Addison first decided to start monitoring as a way to stay involved with basketball when he gave up playing.

What keeps Addison coming back each year? “The fast paced, well organized environment and the rewarding experience feeling Hoopfest provides.”

If you want to become a court monitor like Karis or Addison please sign up here!

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