#DareTo Go for the Gold

Athletes vs. Epilepsy

The Epilepsy Foundation’s initiative, Athletes vs. Epilepsy, encourage athletes of all types to go for the gold. Read more

[ Splash. Splash. The swimmer propels himself through the final leg of his race with a strong stroke, arm extended to hit the touchpad. Swish. Swish. The goalie skates back and forth on the ice, ready to defend her goal from an incoming puck. Swoosh. Swoosh. The basketball player celebrates at the top of the key as the ball drops through the net. ]

All three of these amazing athletes live with epilepsy. And all three are athlete ambassadors for the Epilepsy Foundation’s Athletes vs. Epilepsy initiative, a proud to be a charity partner of Hoopfest 2015.

The Epilepsy Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that people with epilepsy can experience all that life has to offer. Athletes vs. Epilepsy, a nationwide program for athletes, coaches, volunteers and fans, affirms this positive message and embodies it through action and the belief that anyone, regardless of athletic talent, can help to fundraise and raise awareness.

The goal of Athletes vs. Epilepsy is to raise awareness, build participation and help fund the Epilepsy Foundation’s mission, which is to stop seizures and SUDEP, find a cure and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy through education, advocacy, and research. The initiative helps bring epilepsy awareness to all sports through participation by athletes of all ages and skill levels as well as their friends, families and fans.

Athletes vs. Epilepsy’s leadership team is headed by Super Bowl Champion Geoff Pope and former college football player Sam Estes. Athlete ambassadors include Olympic ice hockey medalist Chanda Gunn; head football coach at the University of Minnesota Jerry Kill; professional swimmer Zach McGinnis; professional triathlete Michael Poole; high school athlete Dalton Richey; Nascar driver Kenny Matthews; and Mike Simmel, founder of the Mighty Mike Basketball & Bounce Out the Stigma Project.

Hoopfest is excited to be bringing on Athletes vs. Epilepsy as a partner for Hoopfest 2015 and admire the widespread impact the organization is making. YOU can make a difference in your life and in the lives of others. Join the Athletes vs. Epilepsy Spokane Hoopfest Team now by contacting nmanning-ashe@efa.org, or visit http://epilepsy.com/athletesvsepilepsy for more opportunities to get involved.

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