Describe Hoopfest in 5 Words!

Hoopfest is just 48 days away, but who is counting? Well, we are — but hey, we can’t wait!

One of the best parts about Hoopfest is the tradition; everybody has his or her own experience and memories associated with our tournament weekend. From pre-game handshakes to post-game snowcones, Hoopfesters have a good time!

Whatever your tradition, your story, we want to hear it.

We’d love to know: how would you describe Hoopfest in five words? Post your pictures with the hashtag #HoopfestIn5Words on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for the opportunity for it to be featured in our #Hoopfest365 blog!

If you’d like the opportunity to make memories, create stories and begin or continue traditions at Hoopfest 2017, register today before the guaranteed deadline of May 8 or sign up to be a Court Monitor!

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  1. Ted Strom says

    The only weekend that matters

    • says

      Well done, Ted! We love it.



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