Do the KIND Thing for Your Body

Good nutrition is an integral component of a healthy lifestyle and a successful Hoopfest weekend. Nutrition fuels our bodies to perform at our best, recover faster and can greatly contribute to our overall well-being.

The month of May is dedicated to great nutrition—something our Supporting Sponsor, KIND®, knows a thing or two about.

The first and predominant ingredient in all of their snacks (nuts, fruits, oats) are nutrient-dense and recommended as part of a healthy eating pattern. KIND offers over 70 flavors of healthy and tasty snacks— all gluten-free, low in sodium and free of genetically engineered ingredients, added sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. To see all the benefits of various KIND Snacks, check out their website.

Whether you’re a player, volunteer, Court Monitor or even a Hoopfest devotee, KIND has a snack that can fit all your needs.

“We believe that our diverse portfolio meets the snacking needs of many consumers whether it’s helping fuel a morning workout, breakfast at home or on-the-go or just a mid-day snack,” says KIND Snacks. “KIND Snacks are made with nutrient-dense ingredients so Hoopfest participants, attendees or volunteers can snack confidently knowing what they are putting in their bodies is wholesome and tasty.”

At KIND, their mission is to do the kind thing for your body, your taste buds and your world. For them, sponsoring an event like Hoopfest is an opportunity to share and spread their mission with attendees through engaging in a team activity while fostering support and a sense of community. They also enjoy rewarding good sportsmanship along the way!

“We love supporting an event that encourages movement for all ages,” says KIND Snacks. “The energy at Hoopfest is contagious. We love being able to support an audience so motivated to do the kind thing for their bodies.”

This year, KIND Snacks is not only providing Hoopfesters with good nutrition, they are also the official sponsor of our Sportsmanship Program: Play KIND.

“With the high competition, ensuring that participants Play KIND and demonstrate good sportsmanship is imperative to the success of our tournament,” says Bailee Neyland, Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development for Hoopfest. “KIND Snacks is a perfect sponsor for this role as they understand the importance of wellness for your body and others!”

With the help of KIND’s wide range of products, we know that everyone taking in Hoopfest weekend will be well-nourished and ready to experience our tournament. Hoopfest encourages all participants to get out there, eat right and Play KIND!

To make sure you’re prepared to Play KIND this Hoopfest weekend, check out our Official Hoopfest 2017 Rules.

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