Get right to the action with Uber and the STA Hoop Loop

As the countdown to Hoopfest ticks down to almost two weeks, it’s time to think about some of the finer details of the weekend—like transportation!

Parking will be very similar to years past, as we are planning the same access as before. There will be construction on the I-90 freeway and a few street closures to be aware of (check out our Hoopfest 2017 Street Closure Map and a list of street closures), so please give yourself a greater lead time when trying to make your way to or through the Hoopfest site.

Uber is a great option for all travel Hoopfest weekend. Instead of fighting for parking and wasting time in traffic, Uber allows you to get in and out of the Hoopfest site with little hassle. All you need is the app and a drop off location.  With basketball all throughout downtown, you definitely don’t want to miss the action waiting for a parking space.

There will be three designated pickup / drop-off zones during the Saturday and Sunday of Hoopfest. Follow these easy steps to request when inside the Hoopfest site.
1. Head to one of the three pickup / drop-off zones at Hoopfest.
2. Open the Uber app.
3. Request your ride!

1. North Howard Street & West Cataldo Ave (near the Spokane Arena)
2. West Riverside Avenue & North Bernard Street
3. West Main Avenue & Lincoln Street

For those who don’t know, the 2017 STA HoopLoop is a great, inexpensive transportation option to get to and from various locations during our tournament weekend. It allows Hoopfesters to park and ride for only $1.50 per day. The STA busses loop around the Hoopfest site, with several stops so that you can bus from different areas in downtown Spokane.

Hoopfest believes all attendees should consider UBER or The Hoop Loop to get in and out of town. Good deals and ease of access … can’t go wrong!

Don’t forget: due to construction and a number of street closures, we encourage all Hoopfesters to give a little extra time when coming into Hoopfest. A complete, interactive map of road construction happening in the Spokane region can be found here.  Please consider other options to driving your own car. It might just save you time and money!

Download the Uber app today or get familiar with the STA Hoop Loop Map! Hoopfest is just a few short weeks away. See you all soon!

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