Happy Thanksgiving!

The Spokane Hoopfest Association consists of a group of people with similar passions and values. In the season of giving thanks, it’s only right that the staff gets a chance to say what all they’re thankful for this year.

In a unanimous fashion, the Hoopfest team gave thanks for the amazing people in their lives, whether that is friends or family, and the opportunities provided by their education.


However, Bailee Neyland, the Marketing Director for Spokane Hoopfest, presented her thankfulness to a specific group of people that work with the organization.

The interns.

While many local college students are vying for a chance to become a temporary (or maybe honorary; it sounds more prestigious) member of the Hoopfest team, this year’s trio made the cut!

If you’re from around Spokane and are familiar with Gonzaga University, then you should be well accustomed to seeing the first intern to be introduced.


Kevin Pangos, the all-star point guard for GU whom everyone respects and admires, began his internship with us in September. While sarcasm and lightheartedness are two of his most prominent traits, Kevin can be trusted to tackle anything from running errands all over town to organizing and running a blind-folded free-throw competition for the Glow In the Park 5k Race.

Kevin is thankful for lots of things, like his health and the opportunity to play basketball for Gonzaga University, but most importantly, the love and support he feels from his family.


The sweetest, most sincere gal you’ll ever meet is Katie Miyakado. Coming from the San Francisco area, Katie is a diligent worker who always brainstorms creative approaches to our projects, like our upcoming Christmas card photo shoot (stay tuned!). No matter what Katie is doing, she is doing it with a smile.

As we asked her what she was thankful for, she smiled and gave thanks for the collection of extraordinary people she has in her life and her faith, which never fails to uplift her spirits.


The last leg to the intern tripod is Shaniqua Nilles, who also plays basketball for the Gonzaga University women’s program. As soon as you meet Shaniqua, you can tell she loves people and the public relations field. Happily busy writing material for our blog, she has helped create numerous documents for our organization!

Shaniqua was eager to answer that she is most thankful for her spirituality and faith that allow her to stay trustworthy in life’s journey this Thanksgiving.

Although only a few things were shared, we all agreed that our lists of thanks could be infinite. As we all sit down to a wonderful feast of turkey and all the fixings, it’s important to remind ourselves just how lucky we are here at Hoopfest.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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