Hoopfest 2015 Around the Web

After a wildly successful Hoopfest 2015, there remains a buzz throughout the Web. Here is what people are saying about this year’s epic 3 on 3 tournament!

From Mary Harvill’s “Recapping Spokane Hoopfest 2015” article on fansided.com she says:

“Hoopfest is a family and community tradition, Spokane’s answer to the annual family picnic. If you aren’t playing, you are watching. If you aren’t watching, you are a volunteer.”

Read the full article here.

From Terra Kohut’s “Welcome to Hoopfest: If You Don’t Know, Now You Know” article on ballermindframe.com she says:

“It seems there’s so much love for the community and event, both from the outside and from within. Many of the leaders, like Santangelo, have a rich history with the city and the game itself, making the energy of the event what it is. It’s really the people that make this thing so special.”

Read the full article here.

Here is the full coverage from ESPN’s Sean Farnham, Matt Barrie and Jaymee Sire’s coverage of Hoopfest 2015:

And some action from behind the scenes here.

Here is KXLY’s story “All because of Hoopfest: Couple meets and marries”, about Devaunte and Sharyn Wright’s heart warming encounter at Hoopfest that led to their marriage:

Wright Marriage Pic

Watch the full story here.

Here is a picture from a Danscape blog post highlighting the view of Hoopfest 2015 from atop the Liberty Building in downtown Spokane:

The post reads “On any day, it’s one of the best views in town but on this, Day One of Hoopfest, with the games in full swing, there was no better spot in town to catch this special glimpse of Spokane’s premiere event!”.


Read the full blog post and view more pictures here.

From Tim Daniels’ article “Spokane Hoopfest 2015: Dates, Brackets and Event Info” on the Bleacher Report he says:

“Winning a championship on the streets of Spokane might not quite match up with the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, but the adrenaline rush the players on contending teams will feel on Sunday will probably be much the same.”

Read the full article here.

Here is a video from the Spokesman-Review’s Jesse Tinsley getting the inside scope from several Hoopfest 2015 players and fans:

S-R Video Pic

Watch the full video here.

To find more buzz about Hoopfest 2015, check out the #Hoopfest2015 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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