Hoopfest Executive Director reminding you to Play KIND during Hoopfest 2017!

Hey Hoopfesters,

Good sportsmanship is an integral part to us creating a successful Hoopfest weekend. Hoopfest is a family-friendly, fun-filled tournament that everyone can enjoy. We know the hoops and the heat can get Hoopfesters a little riled up… Through our sportsmanship program, Play KIND, I want to remind everyone to treat volunteers, Court Monitors, spectators and opponents with respect and kindness.

As the world’s largest 3on3 outdoor basketball tournament, we enjoy the elite competition and grit displayed on our street courts each June! Just remember: winning never outweighs sportsmanship. Whether you’re playing in our Youth Division, recreational, competitive or our Elite Division on Nike Center Court, good sportsmanship is expected! Hoopfest is committed to making sure everyone has a fun and safe experience during our tournament weekend. With the help of KIND Snacks, Hoopfesters will be able to treat their body and others well! Here are some things to remember during Hoopfest 2017:

  • Hoopfest is FAMILY-FRIENDLY
  • Basketball, indoor or outdoor, is just a GAME
  • Our Court Monitors are VOLUNTEERS
  • Hoopfest Volunteers are HUMAN
  • This tournament is operated largely by VOLUNTEERS… who are, again, HUMAN
  • Parents should lead by EXAMPLE
  • Fighting is BAD, like “not allowed” BAD
  • Leave your EGO behind
  • There are NO scholarships or contracts awarded this weekend

I am so excited to have you and your good sportsmanship at Hoopfest 2017! Play KIND, and help us create the Best Basketball Weekend on Earth.

See you there,

Matt Santangelo



Hoopfest Executive Director

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