Hoopfest Office Puts in Work in Offseason

Similar to our Hoopfesters putting in work in the offseason, we have been doing the same thing at the Hoopfest office.

Some of you may recall the blog post written earlier this year about Jason Swain, the 2016 Agora Award winner for small business in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, and all the cool work he is doing with us to build office synergy. Hoopfest is always looking for ways to grow and improve so our staff continually looks forward to our sessions with Jason.

“As a collective group, we all internalized so much from our initial meeting with Jason,” says Bailee Neyland, Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development. “We are looking forward to learning more from not just Jason, but from each other, and continuing to grow as a staff.”

“Throughout the process, I generally include several team challenges that get progressively more difficult,” says Swain. “The challenges I choose for a particular client are based on what I learned about the team in my assessment phase.”

Swain’s goals are to help teams learn new behaviors and ways of communicating to better leverage member’s diverse strengths and perspectives. The Hoopfest training will be different and include a challenging activity. The objective of this second training is to implement the new skills and behaviors Swain helps us learn into daily office communication.

“Contrary to what most people may think, teams are not built by merely wanting to be a team or by doing team-building activities,” Swain explains. “True team development comes from setting out to accomplish something together and accomplishing it.”

One of the unique components of working with a smaller organization like Hoopfest, Swain tell us, is that often he finds a varied continuum of commitment among the people…but at Hoopfest everyone is all-in! As ideal as that is, it can cause its own set of challenges. The more passionate and committed people are to a cause, the more they care about how things are done.

Swain tells us that a key component of adult-learning is repetition. So, we will spend a little bit of time up front recapping and reviewing what we learned at the initial retreat. Since we have already laid a strong foundation for improved communication and teamwork, our second session with Jason will focus mostly on defining and executing on a real-world challenge.

“As a consultant, I have no power and no authority over the people I serve,” says Swain. “I merely bring an understanding of how people naturally perform and relate.”

Swain says he is only successful when his clients learn how to apply these principles to their own work and they no longer need him. Whatever solutions they create and whatever milestones they set out and accomplish, ultimately, they do themselves. Nothing, to Swain, is more gratifying than watching that happen.

The Hoopfest office is looking forward to learning from Jason in the second session and will be sure to keep our viewers updated on what’s to come!

We are lucky enough to have Jason volunteer his time to work towards the betterment of our office synergy.

If you’re interested in volunteering with Hoopfest in any capacity, check out this link!

If you’re interested in learning more about Swain’s organization, be sure to check him out here:


1324 North Liberty Lake Road, Suite 322

Liberty Lake, WA 99019





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