Hoopfest Rules

As Hoopfest approaches, make sure you read up on the rules of the game! A complete rule book is available online at spokanehoopfest.net or on the Hoopfest App.


-All Elite players MUST have photo ID on them and present it at the Pre-Game Check-In. Court Monitors will be checking these prior to each game.

-Elite teams must bring two sets of jerseys (or a reversible jersey).

-Dunking is now allowed on Nike Center Court ONLY.

-Two technical fouls received in the same game will result in player ejection for that game and will be reviewed by tournament officials.

Additional rules to note:

-Baskets count as one point. Shots made outside the arc count as two points.

-One free throw will be shot for each foul called.
-The first team to 20 points wins the game. (There is a 25-minute time limit for all non-elite divisions).

-The tournament is double elimination, with a consolation bracket for teams that lose their first two games.

-Third and fourth grade teams will play on 8-foot baskets.

-Court monitors call fouls for third through ninth grade teams and elite divisions. In all other divisions, players will be expected to call their own fouls.

-A team more than five minutes late to a game will be forced to forfeit.

-Each team is allowed a single one minute time-out per game.

Players are responsible for knowing the rules of the games, so make sure your teammates and players are all in the know!


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