#Hoopfest2017 poster unveil: Spokane cityscape created by Chris Bovey

This year’s newly unveiled Hoopfest poster sponsored by Lee & Hayes — a play off the legendary “wings” poster featuring Michael Jordan — features the cityscape of downtown Spokane.

To make it happen, we teamed with local artist Chris Bovey, best known for his vintage depictions of local landmarks and his company “Vintage Spokane Prints.”

“We’re always looking for a local celebrity to be on our poster. This year, we wanted to take a different approach,” Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development, Bailee Neyland explains. “We wanted to work with a local celebrity to create it. With Bovey’s notoriety and up-and-coming projects, plus the fact that he’s amazingly talented, he was the perfect fit.”

And the poster? Highlighted under the Hoopfest letters are all landmarks in the Spokane cityscape, such as the Parkade, the Paulsen Center, the Washington Street Bridge and the Grand Hotel.

Bovey, who was born in Australia (who keeps his Australian accent in his back pocket), moved to Spokane at age nine, spent a brief stint living in Seattle, but was eventually drawn back to the Lilac City.

“It was an honor and a huge surprise when Hoopfest originally approached me about it,” Bovey, who spent two weeks making the poster, says. “My jaw dropped. That’s like a dream job.”

For Bovey, Hoopfest is one of the many amazing things Spokane has to offer. He played during his childhood, and is continually amazed at how Spokane transforms into a basketball town and attracts people of all ages.

“There’s a lot of Spokane hometown pride,” Bovey says. “The city is often portrayed as the little brother to Seattle or Portland and I think that’s changed. People want to show appreciation for their city. When I started doing this project of local Spokane icons, people loved it because of how much pride they have in their hometown.”

Since Hoopfest is the Michael Jordan of 3on3 basketball tournaments, the poster inspiration seemed like a perfect next step. To help this vision come to life, we teamed up with a talented local artist in Bovey and an appreciated sponsor in Lee & Hayes. Lee & Hayes is a local intellectual property law firm that takes great pride in providing their clients with unparalleled proficiency. We are pleased to announce that they are a new Major Sponsor and this year’s Official Poster Sponsor.

“We always try to go off of a concept,” Bailee explains. “In the past we really liked the idea of the Michael Jordan poster in the old gym and that’s where we got our inspiration for the ‘Bigs vs. Littles’ poster with former local collegiate basketballs players, Kevin Pangos, Gary Bell Jr. and Parker Kelly in 2015. When we got the inspiration for the wings poster, knowing the cityscape is so iconic for our event, we determined we wanted it to be graphically represented.”

Bovey spends his days taking his company Vintage Spokane Prints on the road to sell individually hand-drawn print-outs of local landmarks. Among the iconic spots are Beacon Hill, Browne’s Edition, Manito Park, the Garland Theatre — and now Spokane Hoopfest.

Recently his operation received an upgrade. He recently purchased a food truck, and is in the process of gutting, cleaning and repainting it to repurpose it into a print mobile that he can drive up to art shows.

Be sure to pick up the official poster sponsored by Lee & Hayes at the Hoopfest Team Store presented by Nike, which is open:

Thursday, June 22          2 PM – 8 PM

Friday, June 23              11 AM – 7 PM

 Saturday, June 24     7:30 AM – 7 PM

 Sunday, June 25        7:30 AM – 4 PM

To find more of Bovey’s work, visit Vintage Spokane Prints!

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  1. Nancy Tennant says

    Congratulations Chris ! So nice to watch you use your talents to promote our wonderful city ! And I can say I know your wonderful Mom and her darling shop Uniquely Chic Boutique too !😃

    • bailee@spokanehoopfest.net says

      Chris is incredibly talented and his work proudly promotes Spokane in our official poster for Hoopfest 2017! Next time I see him, I’ll do my best to remember to pass your comment on about his mom and her boutique.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Angie Pflugrath says

    Congratulation Chris!


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