Spokane Hoopfest never stops.

Many have heard of Spokane Hoopfest. In fact, when asked, they can usually recite a quick one-liner about the organization, referring to it as “the largest 3-on-3 tournament in the world, taking place in downtown Spokane every June.” However, there’s more to Hoopfest than yellow duct tape, asphalt and snowcones.
This 501(c)(3) non-profit organization not only puts on one of Spokane’s largest summer events — bringing in over 250,000 people to flood the streets and parks of downtown Spokane — but also runs a number of programs throughout the year.

Spokane AAU Basketball is the area’s premier recreational league for 4th through 8th grade boys and girls, where competition and fun are merged. The Midnight Basketball Association (MBA) is a community- and school-based outreach program that offers a safe, constructive alternative for area youth in grades six, seven and eight.

While the local youth are an important focal point for us, so are the older hoopers out there! By participating in “The Fitz” Clinic, 8th-11th grade boys are eligible for selection to the Eastern Washington Elite traveling basketball program.

While hoops are our namesake, we try to have a positive impact on our community by creating courts throughout the city, doing independent contracting with companies and giving donations to organizations.

Spokane Hoopfest is an event of community engagement. We would not be as successful if not for the “small but mighty” staff of six in the office, but most importantly because of the volunteers and community of people like you! The support we receive from the people of Spokane year-round is what makes this organization impressive.

For more information on our different programs, staff, volunteers, community involvement, and all things Hoopfest, keep an eye out for our WEEKLY BLOGS. Also, be sure to check us out on our various social media pages!


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  1. Cheri says

    As a drone enthusiast, I’d like to see a post about the drone coverage at Hoopfest, especially at the championship games. How did it begin, and how did you choose your drone pilots? The drone coverage really adds to the overall experience, especially when trying to describe it to people who don’t live here.

    • bailee@spokanehoopfest.net says

      Hi Cheri,

      Thank you for your message! There are certain drone partners that we have through our sponsors that we have utilized in the past – all with the necessary licenses and approvals; however, some of the drones you see at Hoopfest are not official drones and are not approved for the event. If those are found during the event, they are reported to the Spokane PD and can receive huge fines, as with 250,000 bodies downtown throughout the weekend, we must ensure safety first. If you would like to discuss further about becoming a partner, please feel free to reach out to Bailee Neyland our Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development at bailee@spokanehoopfest.net.



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