How to Prepare for Hoopfest 2016!


Attention all Hoopfest Hoopers:

The time of year that we’ve all been waiting for is almost here! Everyone has been plotting all season long on how they’re going to accomplish getting that trophy and bragging rights for another year as Spokane Hoopfest’s best 3-on-3 team. With so much adrenaline and energy rushing through our veins, there are some things to consider while preparing for the largest 3-on-3 tournament in the world.

Environment and Venues

In the heart of the summer, Spokane receives a flurry of heat. That’s not a bad thing, right? Of course not, but if you’re planning on running plays, setting screens, dropping your defender to their ankles and dunking all over the place then, having a plan of action could be vital. These are some tips to prepare for the heat:

  • Stay Hydrated – You hear it all the time from friends and family, “make sure you’re drinking tons of water”. They’re absolutely right—especially in this case when you’re playing in 88 degree weather which rises to 100+ due to the heat bouncing off the concrete. Get buckets and STAY HYDRATED!


  • Stretch – Basketball is a game of reaction and while a lot of injuries cannot be prevented because of the contact and duration of the game, we’re always in position to prepare. This is where you receive a head start. Stretching is a reliable asset for any athlete, especially for the ones who are attempting to take over Hoopfest!

Proper Gear

As long as you have a basketball goal, a ball and some people to compete against, you’re pretty equipped to get started. However, you might want to be mindful of what you’re wearing for your best athletic performance. Take a look at the following proper gear guidelines:

  • Mouthpiece – We wouldn’t say it’s majorly essential, but if you’re playing in the most competitive 3-on-3 tournament in the world, protecting your mouth from elbows, knees and the concrete might not be the worst idea to protect your mouth from.
  • Basketball Shoes – Make it imperative that you have shoes that not only fit your comfort level but also protect you from cuts, bursts and explosions while you’re cutting to the rim.
  • Various Gear – Some players like to switch it up from wearing goggles to long socks and sleeves. Some for the extra flare and some for protection. With that being said, some would suggest ankle and knee braces to ensure not only safety, but also a successful Hoopfest weekend!


Skills and Strategies

  • Repetition – Some hoopers could go a month without touching a ball and come into any gym and be as efficient as they left off. For others, constant repetition is the correspondent to greatness. Make sure you’re getting up jumpers and working that handle for the biggest weekend of the year!
  • Team Chemistry – Some teams go out there and just hoop. Others formulate a plan. Both are good. With Hoopfest season right around the corner, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to link up with your fellow teammates and get locked in on what you as a group would like to accomplish.


Finally, remember why you’re attending Hoopfest—to compete and to have fun! You’ve been working all season for this moment and now, it’s almost here. You play the game because you love it and that’s how it should be. All of your thoughts, work and preparation are about to come into fruition. Just keep growing, learning and having fun. See you at Hoopfest!

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