In her 12-year Hoopfest career, Kirstin Davis had never actually played … until this year

We love to spotlight all of our Hoopfesters, from volunteers to community members, to past employees, partners, spectators and players. And for Kirstin Davis, she has played a piece in each area, this year adding the title of “player” to her Hoopfest resume.

You may recognize Kirstin as our former Hoopfest team member; perhaps as our Site and Facilities Manager, Rob’s wife; or even as a key site volunteer running around downtown throughout Hoopfest week. Or maybe if you aren’t sure if you’ve seen her, you may have recognized her hat first, a staple article of clothing she would use to help the staff and volunteers identify her. (Sadly, she had to retire the hat this year.)

During her time as Marketing Manager for Hoopfest from 2005-2014, Kirstin helped the brand grow, overseeing such milestones as the 20th and 25th anniversaries and bringing in value-added elements to the tournament like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Slackline.

But it wasn’t until this summer that she played in her first Hoopfest tournament.

“Finally, this year one of my high school friends suggested we play and I jumped at the chance,” describes Kirstin. “These are friends I have played basketball with between 1982 and 1987, experiencing all of the great things about youth and high school sports.”

But her plans almost derailed the day after Christmas when she broke her ankle. Luckily, it healed up before that last weekend in June and her friends made the journey from Maryland, Colorado and Seattle to play in the world’s largest 3on3 basketball tournament. They may not have won a game, but for them, it wasn’t about the wins… it was about the event itself.

“Our high school teammates, coach, friends and our families came to cheer us on,” Kirstin says. “We didn’t win a single game, but we had a great time and did exactly what our team name inspired. Our team name was ‘Play for the Feeling.’”

“Kirstin’s time as a player doesn’t even begin to tell her whole story with Hoopfest,” explains Bailee. “From her work as an employee to her help as a volunteer to her dedication as a friend of the organization, Kirstin continues to help build Hoopfest beyond the amount of players, or the number of volunteers… she has helped build that ‘magic,’ and Hoopfest is a more successful organization because of people like Kirstin.”

“When I think of Hoopfest, I think of teamwork and volunteerism,” Kirstin says. “What I think it means to Spokane is the ultimate in community events. When I worked there, people would always ask us: ‘How do you do it?’ And the answer is the community.”

 “I am grateful for Hoopfest and what it has brought to my life and Spokane,” Kirstin continues. “It has given me several lifetime friendships.”

Hoopfest is happy to see Kirstin and the rest of the Hoopfest family building a long and prosperous relationship with both the organization and the events hosted by Hoopfest.

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