Inside the Inlander


Do you ever wonder if there are events or stories in the Northwest that you are missing out on? The Inlander is a periodical that is distributed around the Inland Northwest. They cover stories about General News, Culture and Food, Music and Film and Health. It was founded to unite the people of the Inland Northwest and they want to help communities around the area grow.

The Inlander has a goal to cover the culture of Spokane and the Inland Northwest as a whole, and Hoopfest is a big part of that. If you want to find a good place to eat or stay during Hoopfest, be sure to check out The Inlander for the best spots around.

The Inlander puts on three large scale events every year. One is the Inlander Restaurant Week. It is a time for restaurants to get their names out there and there were also some charity components built in to the event this year, because The Inlander wants to give back to the community. Another event that The Inlander puts on is Snowlander. Since the Inland Northwest is full of many avid skiers and snowboarders, Snowlander is a celebration of the winter season and somewhere to have a good time with your friends. One last event that The Inlander puts on is Volume, a music festival that is put on once a year. This year it had eleven venues and some of the proceeds went to the Spokane Humane Society. We are happy to have the increased partnership of The Inlander this year.

If you live in the Inland Northwest or you are coming to Hoopfest this year. Make sure to grab your copy of the June 23rd issue of The Inlander which is featured near team check-in at the park and will be featured at THE ALUMNI GAME and Hopfest at Hoopfest.

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