Introducing McDonald’s, the Official Breakfast Sponsor of Hoopfest 2017

Eating a balanced breakfast every morning is the best way to start your day. It’s especially important during Hoopfest, when you need fuel to excel during a long weekend of hoops.

As the largest 3on3 basketball tournament in the world, Hoopfest is proud to be a community-driven and family-friendly event. For McDonald’s, Hoopfest is a way to get involved with the Spokane community. This year, McDonald’s has signed on as the Official Breakfast Sponsor of Hoopfest.

“Hoopfest is an amazing event, and for Spokane, it’s an iconic sporting event,” says Derek Morrison, McDonald’s Director of Public Relations and Strategic Communication for its Northwest markets. “When you think family-fun, you think McDonald’s. We want to support our communities.”

While McDonald’s franchises are locally owned and operated, many of the individual restaurants in Spokane are second generation operations. Each restaurant has delicious breakfast options.

McDonald’s breakfast menu consists of a range of options, including the McGriddle, Hotcakes, Fruit & Maple Oatmeal and the iconic Egg McMuffin.

“Breakfast is an iconic platform at McDonald’s,” Morrison says.

Fresh food and McDonald’s can be synonymous. The breakfast options are made with cage-free eggs, no artificial preservatives or coloring, real butter and served using only fresh beef. Anything with an egg on it has been freshly cracked that same day, and meats are prepared that same morning on a McDonald’s grill.

If you need to wash down your filling Mickey D’s breakfast or you need a quick, caffeinated pick-me-up, McDonald’s also offers freshly brewed coffee served throughout the day.

McDonald’s wants to communicate that it is a guilt-free breakfast option.

“We understand and want to not pretend to be something we aren’t,” Morrison says. “As an indulgence, you can feel good about eating our food. One, because of the more natural, wholesome and freshly prepared ingredients and, two, things like our Egg McMuffin only have 300 calories and our egg white breakfast delight only has 200 calories.”

Through this new partnership with Hoopfest, McDonald’s wants to provide Hoopfesters a good breakfast before they hit the streets to play or to watch.

“We’re excited that a global brand like McDonald’s wants to support the world’s largest 3on3 basketball tournament,” expresses Bailee Neyland, Hoopfest’s Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development. “With over 250,000 people expending their energy at Hoopfest, we want to make sure that they are nourished for all the weekend activities.”

During Hoopfest 2017, you won’t have to go far to find the golden arches: There are 17 McDonald’s franchises in the Spokane area, and two downtown locations located less than a mile from the Hoopfest site.

Whether you are playing or spectating, be sure to visit our Official Breakfast Sponsor and make McDonald’s the start to your Hoopfest 2017 experience!

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