Itron and Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, Hoopfesters! In light of being environmentally friendly not just today but every day of the year, we’d like to introduce Itron, a world-leading technology and services company dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water.

As a world-leading technology and services provider, the foundation of Itron’s business is helping their utility customers around the globe operate more efficiently.


They assist their customers in the endeavor of ensuring resource sustainability with products and solutions that help them: accurately measure electricity, gas and water use; improve service reliability, safety and availability; understand and analyze energy and water usage patterns to better understand how much is being used, when and by whom; engage and inform their customers and their end-users— and then develop conservation programs to help raise consumer awareness about consumption. Itron technology, services and insights form the foundation for a more resourceful world.

As our sponsor, they help create awareness of being resourceful through the use of waste and recycling receptacles throughout the Hoopfest event. Hoopfest works hard to reduce the environmental impact of nearly 260,000 people. With the help of Itron and their receptacles and by partnering with the Spokane Regional Solid Waste System, we have made great strides in reducing the amount of waste Hoopfest generates. There will be hundreds of recycling receptacles available throughout the event. Please take advantage of them! Hoopfest now integrates food scraps and cardboard break downs in its recycling efforts. You will find recycling centers scattered throughout the food court area and Hoopfest Sponsor Garden. Each recycling center will consist of Recycling, Trash and “Scrape Your Plate” green food compost totes.

In addition to Hoopfest, Itron partners with many non-profit organizations to sponsor local events, such as the Lilac Bloomsday Run, Ronald McDonald House’s Cobra Polo Classic, 2nd Harvest Food Bank, Tom’s Turkey Drive, United Way of Spokane County, Mobius and many more.

“We are strongly committed to investing in the communities where we live and work, all around the world,” says Sharelynn Moore, Itron Vice President of Global Marketing and Public Affairs. “We take pride in our rich history of contributing to the extraordinary efforts of local organizations through our corporate and employee giving programs.” Their corporate philanthropy efforts are aligned with Itron’s mission and focus on the resourceful use of energy and water.

At Itron, corporate social responsibility means using available resources to maximize positive societal and environmental impact. “We have recently partnered with energy expert and University of Texas at Austin professor, Dr. Michael Webber, and DISCO Learning Media to develop an app based STEM curriculum focused around the resourceful use of energy and water, which is set to launch in Spokane this year,” comments Moore, “We recognize that education plays a critical role in our ability to raise awareness about important sustainability challenges and inspire the next generation of problem solvers to help create a more resourceful world.”

Resourcefulness is their vision, mission and belief. That’s why they have design solutions that empower utilities to responsibly manage and conserve the world’s energy and water resources. Here are a few ways consumers can take the mission into their hands:

  1. Be water wise – This means everything from trimming down the shower time to ditching bottled water for a reusable bottle.
  2. Unplug devices not in use – There’s still power being used even when you hit the off switch. So unplug the chargers and lamps, which will conserve both energy and money.
  3. Schedule an energy audit – Your utility company can give you information and advice on energy use in your home. All you have to do is ask.

Give our planet a squeeze and let it know how much you appreciate it by following some of these tips from Itron! Also make sure you’re looking out for the Itron receptacles so you can do your part during Hoopfest 2016!

If you’d like to learn more about Itron, check out this link.

If you’d like to become a Hoopfest sponsor like Itron, click here!


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