Join Hoopfest for the Spokane Lilac Parade on May 20

It’s that time of year again, folks! Hoopfest is excited to be gearing up for the annual Spokane Lilac Parade!

Every May, Spokane hosts the Lilac Festival—a week-long celebration honoring our military, young people and beauty of our region. This year’s festival weekend falls on May 18-21 with the Armed Forces Torchlight Parade on May 20.

Aside from honoring our great city and walking side-by-side with our community, Hoopfest is excited to once again debut the prize vehicle for the Toyota Shootoff during Hoopfest 2017! This year’s vehicle is the Toyota 86 that includes, but is not limited to, these incredible features:

  • Comes with a close-radio 6-speed transmission for breathtaking acceleration and impressive fuel economy
  • Purest sports car yet, backed by Toyota’s proven technology
  • The 86 was engineered to be as light and strong as possible, helping boost efficiency and overall performance
  • The chrome-tipped dual exhaust creates smoother airflow and optimizes the performance of the 86
  • The 86 has a sport steering wheel with audio control, providing easier access to your music
  • iPhone connectivity and six speakers

“The best part of the Shootoff is the moment the winning-shot is made!” exclaims Kaylee Van Gelder, the Executive Assistant at E2 Media. “Families and friends are gathered around their loved ones, waiting to see the outcome. Even those passing by stop to see who the lucky winner will be. And then, it happens. The shot is made! The excitement and energy is unmatched! It is really neat to be a part of this life-changing experience.”

Seeing everyone gathered around to support one person is a small demonstration of just how great the Spokane community is when it comes to supporting one another and celebrating each other’s victories.

“There is this incredible energy downtown, and Toyota is thrilled to be a part of it,” says Van Gelder. “You see families come together, friends offering mutual support and community members cheering on the competition. Toyota is proud to be involved with this vibrant event. Just a part of what makes our community great!”

In fact, last year alone, community members helped raise $17,054 for the Charities of Hoopfest. This kind of passion for community betterment is the work that Hoopfest is proud to be a part of. Be sure to attend the Spokane Lilac Parade to see the Hoopfest customized Toyota 86!

After the Lilac Parade, it’s Hoopfest time! If you’d like a chance to participate in the Toyota Shootoff and possibly win the Hoopfest customized Toyota 86, make sure you’re in Basketball City, USA come the last weekend in June.

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