KIND of a Big Deal


Partnering with Hoopfest again this year is KIND Snacks. Providing a healthy and tasty alternative, KIND offers nearly 30 different delicious bars and clusters. However, they strive to be more than just a snack company. They strive to be kind: to your body, to any community and to the world.

KIND Snacks shares many of Hoopfest’s values; especially passion and commitment to helping the community in a fun and exciting way. “This year we’ve been encouraging everyone to Live KIND Everyday,” says Krystle Shaw, the field marketing manager for KIND. “And really what this means is we are asking everyone to incorporate kindness in all aspects of life at all times of day.”

Kyrstle from the KIND team said, “For us at Hoopfest, we want to encourage and recognize any act of kindness, both on and off the courts.” KIND will be spreading this message by distributing their ‘spread #kindawesome’ cards through court monitors who see awesome acts of kindness, as well as at their booth.  “This is just one of the many ways we will be recognizing and encouraging kindness, so make sure to Live and Play KIND!”


Aside from the reward packages, KIND and Hoopfest are partnering with Redeeming Soles again in 2016. Redeeming soles is an organization that cleans up old shoes and donates them to those who need them. Whether it’s your scuffed up basketball shoes at the end of the weekend, or just those old kicks you never seem to wear anymore, KIND is collecting any and all of your old and unwanted shoes at Hoopfest. If your shoes have too much mileage to wear anymore, donate them anyway! Spokane’s Union Gospel Mission will be the recipient of all shoes collected at Hoopfest 2016. Any shoes that are unfit for wearing will be recycled into turf for neighborhood playgrounds.

Here at Hoopfest, we are excited for KIND’s growing involvement this year. Not only providing snacks, KIND will be doing many big things Hoopfest weekend. “Last year (2015), was the first year we participated in Hoopfest, and we were completely blown away by the entire event. To see the downtown area transform overnight was unbelievable. We had such a wonderful time last year engaging and connecting with the Hoopfest community, we knew we wanted to come back in a bigger and better way for 2016 as a major sponsor,” says Shaw. So, this year KIND is taking over our High School Elite Center Court. The court is home to the best High School action Hoopfest has to offer, featuring many of the top players from across the country going toe to toe to claim the championship.

We all know Hoopfest is a high-energy weekend, packed with competition, so KIND reminds us that kindness should permeate all we do: be that a good sport, a good play or a good snack. KIND will also be present at this year’s Friday Practice Round passing out snacks to those getting a jump start on the weekend. In addition to last year’s favorites (KIND Healthy Grain Bars), they will include our KIND Breakfast bars for early AM players and spectators and maybe a few other surprise snacks as well.

Make sure you stop by their area near the intersection of Wall St. and Spokane Falls Blvd. to witness the action firsthand. We’ll see you there!

Although KIND is located on the Westside of the state, Hoopfest has become a perfect platform for KIND to interact with the Eastside of the state. Kyrstle loves KIND’s partnership with Hoopfest saying, “One of my favorite aspects of Hoopfest is working with the Hoopfest management team. Bailee and Matt have been incredible partners and have been so supportive from start to finish. We also love that Hoopfest is a non-profit and gives back to the community throughout the year through their IBA and AAU programs.” We love them too! And we are excited to build this partnership each year and continue to give back to the community in a KIND way.Play Kind

If you’d like to learn more about KIND Causes or any of the other ways KIND spreads kindness in their community, check out their website here.

If you’d like to be a sponsor like KIND check out how you can get involved here!



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