Let’s rewind! The 2016-17 AAU season in review

Another great year of Spokane AAU basketball has come and gone, and as we turn our attention to Hoopfest, let’s take a look back on the incredible accomplishments of the 2016-17 Spokane AAU season.

Thank you to players, parents, volunteers and sponsors for your contributions to make Spokane AAU run as well as it did! We debuted online registration and saw many weekends of competitive basketball, bonding and growing up with the game.

“It’s with great gratitude that all of you athletes and parents continue to learn the game of basketball through Spokane AAU,” Executive Director Matt Santangelo said.

Each and every participant and spectator surely has something to take away from the weekend. Matt’s was plain and simple:

“This season has been overwhelmingly positive and safe,” he said. “Just like the rest of the city, Spokane AAU overcame freezing temperatures, snow and ice!”

Pilot program finishes first year

We also completed our first year of our Pilot Program, the seven-week training that introduces kindergarten and first graders to the challenges and fun of the AAU basketball structure.

“We’re not just trying to build on the foundation,” Santangelo said, “but emphasize fundamentals and development, so young athletes are better prepared for five-on-five in 4th grade.”


Head to the Spokane Hoopfest Facebook page to see a full photo gallery from AAU Championship weekend, including the Hot Shot competitions! Our very own Randy Cahalan took lots of photos of all ages.

Championship Weekend Recap

Hot Shot Competition 2017 Results
Free Throw Champions
4th Grade: Parker Dammel, Rush Extreme
5th Grade: Asher West, NBC Crusaders
6th Grade: Johnny Molenda, 509 Elite
7th Grade: Ty Anderson, Panthers White
8th Grade: Lane Lorenz, Shockwave

4th Grade: Kailee Altenader, Dawgs Red
5th Grade: Gillian Bears, Dawgs South
6th Grade: Jenna Wilcox, Lady Snipers
7th Grade: Elliot Hencz, Spokane Dawgs
8th Grade: Elliana Schmidt, Locomotives

3-point Champions

4th Grade: Brady Krebs, Rush Extreme
5th Grade: Cooper Davis, Boltz
6th Grade: Dakota Means, Scorpions
7th Grade: Ryan Mount, Spokane Snipers
8th Grade: Sam Wenkheimer, E.W.E. Hawks

4th Grade: Brookeslee Colvin, Fireballs
5th Grade: Avery Washington, North Idaho Elite
6th Grade: Skylar Neumann, SV Bears
7th Grade: Sofia Lloyd, SpoDawgs
8th Grade: Kiara Meland, Dawgs Red

Championship Games 2017 Results
Spokane AAU Champions

*bolded results mark the champion

4th Grade
Result: Dawgs Red 19, Xtreme 10.

5th Grade
Result: North Idaho Elite 38, Spokane Sting 15.

6th Grade
Result: No Mercy Elite 63, Piranhas 58.

7th Grade
Result: No Mercy Elite 64, Valley Heat 39.

8th Grade
Result: Spokane Warriors Elite 67, No Mercy Soldiers 53.


4th Grade
Result: Dawgs Red 19, Xtreme 10.

5th Grade
Result: North Idaho Elite 38, Spokane Sting 15.

6th Grade
Result: Titans 42, Lady Snipers 15.

7th Grade
Result: Wolf Pack 50, Rush Elite 33.

8th Grade
Result: Spokane Stars 62, Titans Fire 35.

Don’t forget to check back next Fall to sign-up for the 2017-2018 Spokane AAU League!

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  1. Kelly says

    Is there anything like this in CDA? We’re fairly new to the state and are looking for all Basketball programs available out side of school. Aubrey is 13, he has been playing for quite a while.. Thanks!


    • bailee@spokanehoopfest.net says

      Hi Kelly,

      That’s a great question! We’d love for Aubrey to be a part of Spokane AAU and actually have quite a few teams from Coeur d’Alene and other Idaho areas drive in to participate in our league. I would be more than happy to answer any further questions you might have or provide more details about Spokane AAU! Feel free to call our office at (509) 624-2414.



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