Lewis Lee Named in ‘Best Lawyers in America’


A member of the Spokane Hoopfest board of directors, Lewis Lee, was named as one of the best lawyers in America in the field of Patent Law. Best Lawyers in America, a publication running since 1983, has included Mr. Lee in their list of best lawyers for three consecutive years. Mr. Lee is the co-founded Lee & Hayes, PLLC in 1994, which is now considered one of the best law firms for securing high quality patents in America.

Lewis Lee decided to go to George Washington School of Law in Washington, D.C. to learn Patent Law. As the co-founder of one of the most successful law firms that specialize in intellectual property (IP), Lewis said, “I think it’s critical that most businesses understand IP, and be able to grow value that way, and gain market share.”

Asked what makes a good IP lawyer, Lewis said, “In the patent field, people tend to go past the law degree and look at what your undergraduate degree is and your engineering experience is.” In addition to his law degree, Lewis has undergraduate degrees in both electrical engineering and business administration.

Patent Law is a dynamic field that includes many different areas of technology. “You need to have a love for technology, understand what it does, and how it betters society,” Lewis said. Patent Law is the one field of law that is driven by ideas and creativity; therefore, the most important characteristic of a good IP lawyer is what Lewis considers as “eyes of wonder.” This is another way of saying that creativity is one of the most important factors that a good IP lawyer can have.

In addition to practicing law, Lewis Lee serves as an Advisory Board Member for the George Washington University School of Law, Washington State University Honors College and College of Business, Greater Spokane Incorporated Board of Trustees, Gonzaga University School of Leadership Studies, and Ignite Northwest. Additionally, Mr. Lee serves an adjunct professor at the Gonzaga University School of Business Administration and has authored two books on intellectual property.

Lewis is one of the newest members of the Spokane Hoopfest board of directors. Asked why he was interested in becoming a member of the organization, he said, “I’ve always loved basketball. I played basketball growing up.” Lewis played basketball in high school and has remained a fan of the sport. In fact, while he grew up in central Washington, Lewis moved to Spokane in 1991, and has played in a majority of the Spokane Hoopfest tournaments since then.

Asked what his favorite Hoopfest memory was, he said, “We won a championship one year in our bracket with my wife and two kids in the family league. It was super fun.” Lewis has six children, and they are all involved in Hoopfest. “It’s kind of a family weekend. We all come down and play and watch. It’s the one day on the calendar each year that we know we’ll be in Spokane,” said Lewis.

Join Lewis in Spokane next summer for Hoopfest 2017!

Save the date: June 24 & 25, 2017

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