Lou Era

Preforming during the festivities of The HOPFEST at Hoopfest After Party following THE ALUMNI GAME is Hip-Hop artist Lou Era. Lou has been on the rise in the industry opening for names like MGK, Waka Flocka, Problem, as well as performing at festivals like the College Spring Fest and Summer Jam among many others. Alongside Lou will be DISKJockey F3LON, who will be performing throughout the night.

Born and raised just outside of Los Angles in Palmdale, CA, he moved to the Pacific Northwest in order to work on his Music career. “I started following my artistry as a career choice about 3 years ago, because I realized I wouldn’t be truly fulfilled doing anything else” he says “Looking back, I think I have been an artist my whole life. I have always been a writer, and into drawing, clothing designs and music as long as I can remember.”

Lou has attended Hoopfest a few times, loving the way that the community comes together to make this great event happen. He also has a great admiration for Spokane “I love this city. I do a lot of artist development here, so I have a good relationship with the community. One of my favorite things about Spokane, is the beautiful landscape, the changing seasons, and the uniqueness of downtown and the growing art district.”

“I just want to thank the entire Hoopfest Association for giving us this opportunity and to thank the community for all the continued support.”

In preparation for THE ALUMNI GAME, you should check out Lou Era’s new single “Lombardi Tip” to get pumped up for the event. We hope that you all will be just as excited to come see Lou Era, as he is, to perform.

Having played street basketball and being a proud member of Laker Nation, Lou is a big basketball fan. Having grown up with the greatness of Kobe in his backyard, Lou is definitely able to recognize basketball greatness. He joins many of us in Washington in saying “R.I.P to the Seattle Supersonics” having been a Shawn Kemp admirer for a while now.

We look forward to having Lou Era perform at the HOPFEST at Hoopfest After Party following THE ALUMNI GAME, and we look forward to seeing you in attendance. Tickets are available at TicketsWest.com:


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