Love the Beard!


Meet Danny Beard. Danny has been an Elite Official for Spokane Hoopfest for 18 years, has spent the past 2 years as an Assistant Marshall for the 6 feet and over Elite Division and currently serves on Spokane Hoopfest’s Board of Directors. In his professional career, he is entering his 40th year as the Senior Vice President of NBC Camps.

In college, Danny played division 1 collegiate basketball at Kansas State University, and earned All Midwest Regional honors for the top-ten nationally ranked Wildcats. Wishing to stay involved with the sport, he then went on to coach six years at the Division 1 collegiate basketball level with Samford University and Eastern Illinois University. Furthermore, he has served as the Head Coach for the NBC Thunder—a Division 1 exhibition team—and is also an ordained minister. It was Danny’s clear love for the game of basketball that inevitably led to his love for Hoopfest.

Danny describes his Hoopfest Weekend as an “incredible community event that brings players and families together for a fun filled weekend.” His favorite part about the weekend is seeing all the parents playing each year, and how they support their children, as they compete. One memory of Hoopfest that he cherishes was the time he won the 40/50 and over division while he was staying in a hotel downtown with this whole family.

Continuing to stay connected to Hoopfest is important for Danny, who loves the incredible community event that’s able to bring parents and families together. Hoopfest weekend wouldn’t be possible without volunteers, with their countless hours of hard work and determination to keep the tradition of Hoopfest weekend alive. Thank you Danny for all the hours you’ve put in to Hoopfest year after year, and we look forward to seeing you on the court!

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  1. Judi Poynor says

    Love you Danny Beard and your commitment to the sport, and enriching the lives of athletes.. You are a symbol of what is the best about Spokane and truly supporting your community!! Hoopfest is the best holiday weekend in Spokane.. Your presence there is greatly respected and appreciated!!!


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