Maintaining garbage and waste for 250,000 people


Itron is a technology company that is committed to using energy and water in the most resourceful manner. With a vision to create a resourceful world; Itron manages 8,000 customers over 100 countries in electricity, gas, water, thermal energy measurement devices, control technology, communications systems, software and managing consulting services. With a belief to create a sustainable future for all, Itron is a perfect sponsor to help make Spokane Hoopfest weekend not just the best basketball weekend on earth, but also an eco-friendly one, as well.

For Hoopfest 2016, Itron provided 500+ garbage cans and 350+ recycling bins to be used to help keep the city free of all trash and litter. Each of these garbage cans were placed in a variety of locations – some include the Hoopfest Store, Family Fun Zone, Nike Center Court, Food Fest and more. Not to mention one per court, equaling over 447 bins alone!

For us at Spokane Hoopfest we are extremely thankful for our partnership with Itron and keeping the city of Spokane eco-friendly throughout the course of the weekend. Itron was one of our many sponsors and without all of our sponsors the weekend would not be possible.

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