Meet longtime Hoopfest volunteer: Chuck “Flip” Filippini

Committed. Enduring. Dedicated. Longstanding.

Those are just a few of the many words to describe one of our beloved volunteers, Chuck “Flip” Filippini. Flip’s been with us since before our kickoff tournament weekend in 1990 and has continued to be a valued part of Hoopfest.

“I was President of the Inland Empire Boys Basketball Officials Association when I was approached by Bob Simpson and the founders, Jerry (Schmidt) and Rick (Betts),” explains Flip. “They asked if our Officials would help volunteer by officiating courts. For the first six years, I blew a whistle on the elite level courts all weekend long. Now I’m an Area Administrator, and the rest is history.”

Ever since, Flip has continued to come back to volunteer with Hoopfest, because of his dedication to the game. Being a teacher and coach at North Central High School for 39 years, Flip loves being around basketball and giving his time. “I really believe that you should give back to your community and to the game of basketball,” Flip states.

For anyone wanting to involve themselves in the community and still considering signing up to volunteer with Hoopfest, take it from Flip — “It is a great time to celebrate our City of Spokane and you’ll enjoy meeting people. Along the way, you’ll have fun watching players do the same!”

Hoopfest has tons of appreciation for the 3,000 volunteers that help us to create the Best Basketball Weekend on Earth! To show that appreciation for our Court Monitors, we outfit them with some swag. This year, we’re offering even more with our Court Monitor Incentive Program! Sign up ASAP because the opportunity to win will be gone come the end of May. More information on the expectations of a Court Monitor can be found in our Hoopfest 2017 Court Monitor Training Video.

Hoopfest is always grateful for our volunteers. It truly would not be possible without each of them, and Flip is no exception,” expresses Chad Smith, Hoopfest’s Operations Manager. “Thank you Flip for all of your years of dedication and commitment!”

Flip has certainly found a community with Hoopfest. Each year, he looks forward to seeing his Court Marshals and all of the other volunteers that also make Hoopfest an annual tradition. We look forward to seeing all of our Court Monitors, Court Marshals and volunteers along with our Hoopfesters the last weekend in June!

Join our pal Flip in making memories as a Court Monitor or volunteer for Hoopfest 2017. We’d love to have you! If you’re wanting to take advantage of our Court Monitor Incentive Program, sign up here. Not wanting to be a Court Monitor? You can sign up to be a general volunteer here.


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