Meet Our Board Member: Skip Templeton (and Family)

Serving on the Spokane Hoopfest/AAU board is much more than an individual commitment; for the Templetons, it’s a family affair.



When asked how it feels to hold such a big role as a Hoopfest board member, Kim Templeton, who is married to board member Skip Templeton, mentioned the family tradition it creates.

The Templetons can be found at nearly any event: be it on the asphalt of Spokane in late June or in a high school gym for an AAU tournament in December.


Skip holds the high honor of having never missed playing in a Hoopfest: this year will be his 26th year. Thus, it wasn’t hard to get his sons, Jeremy and Brandon, to catch the Hoopfest bug starting in the mid-90’s.


Now Brandon, married to Alicia, has two boys, Jordan and Weston, who have been raised in a world where Hoopfest isn’t something that happens if convenient: it’s just what you do as a Templeton.


Jeremy and Brandon grew up refereeing for AAU and today Brandon and Alicia still volunteer with scorekeeping at the AAU tournaments throughout the year.


Both Templeton sons played basketball through high school and Jeremy went on to play in college at Eastern Oregon University. Today Jeremy is a personal trainer and coaches the freshman basketball team at Ferris High School and also assists with Ferris’ softball team. Brandon is also still in Spokane and works for Skip’s contracting business.

Skip became an AAU coach in 1995. By 1996 he was asked to serve on the AAU board but since the two boards (Hoopfest and AAU) merged in 2002, the Templeton’s have volunteered with all aspects of the organization.


“We all feel like Hoopfest is an important event for our community,” Kim said. “It brings families together and for many it is the time they catch up each year. Basketball has been a big part of our family since the beginning so it just seems natural to be a part of Hoopfest and do it as a family.”


In addition to Skip serving on the board, Kim volunteers around the Hoopfest offices and can be found in the player change tent during Hoopfest weekend. Each summer, Skip recruits the kids to help him close off the city streets (and eventually re-open them) for Hoopfest.

Year after year Hoopfest runs smoothly and successfully thanks to volunteers like the Templetons stepping in to do seemingly small but vitally necessary jobs.

“[All for] the love of the game,” Kim said.


It’s no surprise that the whole Templeton gang anticipates competing in a family bracket this year, which is reflective of their familial commitment to Hoopfest.

Claim your spot as a #Hoopfest2015 player and register today!

Or sign up to volunteer and make it a family affair!

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