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The Spokane Hoopfest Association is well-known around these parts. The organization is host to a number of programs and events, including Hoopfest, AAU Basketball and the Midnight Basketball Association, just to name a few. Lesser known though are the mysterious beings that run this well-oiled machine.

It might seem reasonable that an organization like Spokane Hoopfest would require a team of infinite quantity to keep things running smoothly (which come the months preceding Hoopfest, we do in volunteers). Here’s the kicker though…


That’s the magical number of people who are behind the scenes of the Spokane Hoopfest Association year-round. Not sixteen, not sixty, not six times another number, but six, hardworking individuals.

This mighty-in-spirit, but minute-in-size team is in charge of juggling an unimaginable amount of projects and executing them without a hitch.

These individuals are great at all their tasks and look great in all the different hats they have to wear to get the job done. It’s about time we introduced our roster of all-stars.


Starting as the captain of our squad, Matt Santangelo is the Executive Director. (In other words, he’s our point guard looking to lead the team in the right direction!)


As the woman in charge of branding and partnerships, Bailee Neyland is our Marketing Director, whom you might see out-and-about in the community!

Keli and Giff

And then there’s these two amazing ladies that keep Hoopfest running smoothly year after year! If Keli Riley were in a movie, it would be called “The Overseer.” She does a little bit of everything, everywhere as the Office Administrator. And Giff Marleau has the daunting, yet rewarding, task of keeping the people who interact with our association happy as the Client Services Manager, while also directing Hoopfest’s other program, Spokane AAU.

2012_Chad and Laurie Smith

Volunteers contribute largely to the success of Hoopfest and all of its programs, and it’s about time Chad Smith was recognized for his role as Leader of the Volunteers, aka the Operations Manager.

2013_Randy Smith with Hoopfest Truck

Rounding out the squad is the best handyman in town, Randy Smith. Randy’s been in charge of getting the streets of downtown ready for Hoopfest festivities for the past 13 years. No one knows the ins and outs of the downtown streets like this guy!


And this week we welcome our newest member, Rob Davis, to the team! As Randy looks to retire next year, he will pass his torch on to Rob as our new Sites/Facilities Manager. Rob comes to the team with lots of experience and knowledge, having worked and volunteereed with Hoopfest over the past few years. Randy will continue to work with and mentor Rob, sharing his insights and wisdom.

We’re excited at what’s to come with this team!

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  1. Ray Tansy says

    Keep it going and will see you soon. All awaiting the 26th!!


    • says

      Thanks, Ray! We’re looking forward to 2015 as well – can’t wait to have you take some amazing photos again!

  2. David J Miles, Jr. says

    Although, I have only personally played one year in Spokane Hoopfest in 1994, but, I have my grandchildren playing in this exciting June basketball event , which has
    paid me so much in enjoyment, personal achievement for the many young people who love the game of basketball!

    I believe the Spokane Hoopfest will continue well into the future, and many more young people will enjoy themselves in this great happening.

    Well done by all of the people who have committed themselves each month of June to get together and volunteer at their best and with so much energy and happiness for this wonderful event of the city of Spokane and surrounding communities!

    May you all be blessed and enriched with your dedication and sacrifice!

    David J Miles, Jr.

    • says

      Thank you for your wonderful comment, David! It truly is amazing how the community comes together – sponsors, retailers and of course all of our volunteers to make this amazing event happen. Thank you for being involved and good luck to your grandchildren next summer – we look forward to having them play again! Have a wonderful rest of your week!


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