Meet the company that brought interactive media to #Hoopfest2017

Our goal with each Hoopfest season is to elevate our tournament weekend to improve the overall experience for the quarter of a million people who join us on the streets of downtown Spokane. To reach our goal, we like to partner with great companies who will help us think up new, creative ways to enhance our elements and activations. One local company that qualifies? Jakāva.

“Jakāva is a small group of passionate problem solvers, creative consultants and advertising professionals who build the unimaginable, discover the exceptional and actualize the awesome,” Tony Conti, one of the founders of Jakāva, proudly states.

Jakāva was born in 2015, and since then the company has primarily worked with local companies and organizations to help them succeed for their clients and employees. With a specialization in custom user experiences, development, design and consultation, we wanted a Jakāva and Hoopfest partnership to happen.

“This was our first time contributing to the Hoopfest experience besides being players on many losing teams,” Conti jokingly explains.

Although in their inaugural season, Jakāva was a clutch addition to Hoopfest Weekend. The company provided an interactive scoreboard for Nike Center Court that was not only a simple tool for our volunteer scorekeepers, but also a great highlight throughout our tournament.


“The goal of this year’s interactive scoreboard was to provide an intuitive and easy to use tool for the score keepers and create a platform to highlight Hoopfest’s Major Sponsors while maintaining the familiarity of a traditional scoreboard,” Conti says.

With the relocation of Nike Center Court, we wanted to make sure that the energy and excitement Hoopfesters have grown accustomed to over the years would remain; the interactive scoreboard helped to keep fans informed and in-the-loop of all the action.

“Hoopfest is always looking for ways to take our tournament weekend to the next level,” explains Bailee Neyland, Hoopfest’s Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development. “Our partnership with Jakāva and the services they provided helped us do just that!”

With the surprise visit from Kevin Durant, the Jakāva interactive screens upped our game.

“As a small local company we know collaborating with other local organizations is an essential part of Spokane’s culture,”  Conti reveals. “Contributing to the Hoopfest experience was an honor!”

Special thanks to Jakāva on helping our organization to make Hoopfest the Best Basketball Weekend on Earth. Join us again next year for #Hoopfest2018 – June 30 and July 1.

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