Meet the Interns: Terry Milner


Terry Milner, from Edmonds, Washington, recently graduated from Gonzaga University this past May in Sports Management with a minor in General Business. Learn more about his story and experience interning at Hoopfest:

What are your future plans?

With my love for sports, I plan to get a job somewhere in collegiate athletics.

Outside of school, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy playing sports, especially basketball and volleyball. I spent a lot of time playing volleyball, because I was also a member of the men’s club volleyball team at Gonzaga. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and being outside.

How did you first hear about Hoopfest?

I first heard about Hoopfest when I was in high school, but I never really knew what it was until I went to Gonzaga.

Have you ever been to Hoopfest before? Played? Volunteered?

I have only been to Hoopfest once before and that was last year while I was interning. This year will be my second Hoopfest and I plan on playing in it this time.

Why did you choose to intern with Hoopfest?

When I first heard about Hoopfest I didn’t really know much about it, but once I found out Hoopfest was the biggest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the world, I was very interested in seeing the process behind planning it and running it. I had also heard from some of my classmates that they really enjoyed this internship and gained some great experience.

What has been your favorite part since starting your internship with Hoopfest?

One of my favorite parts of my internship would have to be last year’s Hoopfest. Seeing everything go together and the process it took to get there and knowing that all the hard work that I put in to help with the event was really satisfying. I have also really enjoyed working with everyone at the Hoopfest office. The atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming, which has really made my internship very enjoyable.

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