Meet the Interns: Wyatt Fay


Wyatt Fay, from Portland, Oregon, recently graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Management Information Systems. Wyatt recently accepted a summer internship position doing internal communications for Concur Technologies in Bellevue, Washington. Learn more about his story and experience interning at Hoopfest:

What are your future plans?

If my tech career in Seattle doesn’t work out, I would always love to chase my other dream of working for Nike, back home in Portland.

Outside of school, what do you enjoy doing?

Outside of school, I love snowboarding, taking spin classes at the Union and rooting on my Portland Timbers.

How did you first hear about Hoopfest?

I first heard about Hoopfest back in high school. My friends were making a team and wanted me to play. I didn’t end up playing, but that was the first time I heard about it.

Have you ever been to Hoopfest before? Played? Volunteered?

Being a big electronic music fan, I unfortunately have never been to Hoopfest, because I have always been at Paradiso at the Gorge on that same weekend. However, I’m very excited to be a part of the team and to experience Hoopfest for the first time this summer.

Why did you choose to intern with Hoopfest?

Ever since I knew I was going to be required to have an internship for one of my classes at GU, I have had Hoopfest at the top of my list. When you think of Spokane in the summer, you think of Hoopfest. I have always been into event planning and what bigger event is there than Hoopfest in Spokane.

What has been your favorite part since starting your internship with Hoopfest?

The thing I love most about working for Hoopfest is that it’s like one big family. From Matt and Bailee down, everyone has welcomed me with open arms since day one. I am also pretty sure Hoopfest is the only place you can walk into and to simply say “hello” or “how bout them Zags?” From the learning to the experiences, and being around sports all the time, Hoopfest has really been a dream fit.

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