Mike Nilson is Built 4 Ball

At Spokane Hoopfest, we pride ourselves on partnerships with the community, businesses and people. We’ve been working diligently to secure another valuable opportunity for our organization. This time, we’re not teaming up with a company, but an individual. And an admirable one at that.

The Spokane Hoopfest Board of Directors has recently added another member and he’s already contributing to Hoopfest in many ways.

Mike Nilson is well-known for a number of reasons in the greater Spokane area. “I grew up in Seattle,” says Mike, “but I came here in 1995 to play basketball at Gonzaga University. I fell in love with the University, the city, and more importantly, my wife, Rhiannon.”

Mike was a member of the 1999 Gonzaga Men’s Basketball team. That year’s roster went the furthest in the NCAA tournament in GU basketball history. “Watching Casey Calvary tip in the winning basket against Florida to take us to the Elite 8,” Mike reminisces, “is my favorite moment from my time at Gonzaga.”

Although no longer in college, Mike has found a way to remain a bulldog. He is now a strength and conditioning coach for the University. “It’s inspiring to be surrounded by athletes training with a purpose. The college environment is special because you get to work with athletes for four years. You can see them grow not only as athletes, but as people,” declares Mike.

That’s when we had an idea.

Mike is a great resource for athletes everywhere, or anyone who is looking to improve themselves nutritionally and physically. We would be foolish not to reach out to him for tips and videos for our #Hoopfest365 blog!

He’s actually created his own blog, Built 4 Ball, as a way to share his passion for basketball-specific nutrition, strength & conditioning and leadership.

“It can be overwhelming to figure out the right way to train and eat for basketball. I wanted to create a trusted resource for parents, players and coaches to help athletes,” Mike says.

To put it simply: Mike Nilson has a passion for physical fitness and people. And what he has to offer is gold in the athletic realm!

We can’t wait to learn from Mike every month. Stay tuned!

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