Move of the Month: Perfect your Step-Back


The step-back move is one of the most difficult to guard in basketball.  The quicker and farther you can move away from your defender, the less chance they’ll have of blocking or stripping the ball.  In this article, I’m going to share two basketball-specific exercises to improve strength and quickness on offense.  Train hard and you’ll be able to create the space you need to get your shot off against the toughest defenders.


The Step-Back Lunge uses a subtle tweak from a traditional lunge.  By internally rotating your front foot, you increase activation of your glutes and improve your ability to change directions.  Using a med ball for added weight increases the difficulty of the exercise and builds rotational strength in your core.




The Step-Back Jump is is where we transform strength into power.  By tweaking traditional plyometrics to mirror basketball moves, you’ll improve quickness on the court and create more scoring opportunities.  Focus on spending the least amount of time on the ground while covering the most amount of distance.


Here’s a sample of the reps:

  1. Strengthen the movement with the Step-Back Lunge

(2-3 sets of 4-6 reps each side)

  1. Speed up the movement with the Step-Back Jump

(2-3 sets of 4-6 reps each side)

Lace up your shoes and try it out!

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