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Planning a trip but don’t really know much about where you’re going? Spokane Hoopfest is a proud partner of Utrip, the industry leader in cutting edge travel services. Utrip, officially launched in 2014, is the next generation of travel customization. Utrip uses artificial intelligence and information about you to customize and create the best possible itinerary for your vacation. “Our core philosophy at Utrip is that each and every individual traveler is different and therefore the travel planning process should be highly personalized for each traveler’s actual interests and budget,” says Lewis Krell of Utrip, “We believe that there is an abundance of content on the web to help a traveler plan a trip but no true platform exists that combines your personal interests, with recommendations from local experts, with other important factors that go into a perfect trip like optimizing for geography, seasonality, hours of operation and special events, such as Hoopfest.”

Utrip has recently added Spokane to its vast number of destinations, such as Dubai, Barcelona and many others, making it the ideal tool to use when planning your trip to this year’s Hoopfest. Utrip will help you get the most out of your visit to Spokane after you bring your A game to the courts. Whether you want Utrip to customize it all for you, or you want to try one of their featured trips (e.g. Spokane For Foodies, Beer Culture and Breweries in Spokane), you will experience the best Spokane has to offer.

Utrip describes Spokane as “a city that’s as dynamic as it is historic, and from the nightlife to the outdoor exploration, there’s so much you can do.” The CEO of Utrip was raised in Spokane and many Utrip employees have played in Hoopfest in the past. “When you know Spokane well you know without a doubt that Hoopfest is the best weekend of the year in Spokane and we knew that Hoopfest’s commitment to creating life-long memories and a perfect experience for all players, fans and visitors aligned completely with what we do here at Utrip,” says Lewis.

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Hoopfest and Utrip are excited for another magical year. If you would like help planning your trip to Hoopfest 2016, click here to learn more on how Utrip can help you.

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