Net Day

Most people know Spokane Hoopfest as the biggest 3-on-3 basketball tournament on earth, but what is often less-publicized is Hoopfest’s unending desire to better the city of Spokane year-round through its love of basketball.

On Saturday, May 16, Hoopfest gets to do just that: one community hoop at a time. It’s called Net Day.

What kid doesn’t love the soft swish of a net in comparison to the empty rattle of an old rim?  Throughout Net Day, various members of the Hoopfest team will drive all over Spokane in hopes of hanging around 100 nets on hoops that need them.


Over the last two and a half decades, Spokane Hoopfest has given over 30 courts to various neighborhoods and organizations in the region to ensure kids have a place to get out and play. Hoopfest team members will not only replace nets on each of these hoops on Net Day, but will also strive to meet any need for a net they see: at a school, at a park or in a driveway.

Net Day is just one way Hoopfest loves to be involved in the community. We will also be in the Lilac Parade on Saturday, May 16, so be sure to give Hoopfest a holler!

If you are interested in serving the community with us, visit for more information on ways you can contribute.

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