New Hoopfest Intern, Serena Cobbs, joins our roster thanks to Bank of America

Hoopfest Weekend would be even more challenging to plan, prepare and pull off without the help of our sponsors, volunteers and community. Even in the “offseason” of our main event, we are thankful for the many individuals and organizations who assist us. One of our Official Sponsors has partnered with Hoopfest to dedicate their resources to better our daily operations, as well as provide workforce experience to local teens.

With the generosity of Bank of America, Hoopfest Interns will receive financial literacy training from local Bank of America employees to help the interns practice “Better Money Habits” for their future. The opportunity from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation internship program was something Serena Cobbs wanted to take full advantage of!

Serena joined our Hoopfest squad back in July and even though she’s just learning “the plays,” she has proven to be a valuable asset to our team. Learn more about her story and her experience so far interning at Hoopfest:

What are your future plans?

After high school, I want to attend Western Washington University and either major in Marine Biology or become a wildlife veterinarian, because I love animals.

Outside of school, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy playing softball, playing my violin and hanging out with my younger sister, Trinity.

How did you first hear about Hoopfest?

I’ve always gone to Hoopfest, ever since I was little. My dad used to play with his buddies and my brother (26) plays with his buddies, too. My older sister (20) used to play and my younger sister (15) plays with her friends.

Why did you choose to intern with Hoopfest?

It sounded like a really good opportunity, and I need something to keep me busy, so I don’t waste my summer days.

What has been your favorite part about your internship so far?

I like how nice and welcoming everyone is!

Special shoutout to Serena Cobbs for choosing to become a part of our team and for helping us create The Best Basketball Weekend on Earth! “Each year, we are lucky to have new interns join our team to help us out and also earn valuable experiences in the workforce,” explains Bailee Neyland, Hoopfest’s Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development. “Serena fits in so well and is a diligent worker, so we are happy to have her!”

If you’re interested in becoming a Hoopfest intern and utilizing the Bank of America Charitable Foundation internship program, we’d love to hear from you! Please submit your resume and cover letter to


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