Numerica’s five ways to help you live well

It is no secret that Hoopfest is a community endeavor. With thousands of players flooding the streets of Spokane every June, we need all hands on deck year-round. Numerica Credit Union, one of our long-time sponsors, understands this and plays a big role in the pulling off of Hoopfest weekend.

For more than 75 years, Numerica has helped protect and advance their members’ financial health by offering better rates, lower fees, no-stress services and outstanding support. Founded by locals and owned by members, Numerica strives to give back to the community by focusing on women’s and children’s issues, education and organizations that strive to combat hunger and poverty. This is achieved through volunteerism, fundraising, corporate sponsorships and donations.

“Numerica is a proud sponsor of Hoopfest because we believe that by supporting events like Hoopfest, we are helping to build a stronger community by celebrating the events that make this an amazing place to live, work and play,” says Kelli Hawkins, Numerica Credit Union’s Director of Communications.

Whether it’s volunteering at the event, adding to the over 13,200 hours Numerica spent volunteering last year, or helping to support the work of organizations like Hoopfest, Numerica is dedicated to being involved in the community. Numerica and their members donated over $1 million in 2016 and have pledged to give back at least five percent of their earnings for 2017.

“It means a lot to have a sponsor like Numerica in our backcourt,” says Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development, Bailee Neyland. “Their continued support makes everything we do here that much more feasible.”

“Numerica is committed to supporting causes that help to create leaders and celebrate our community,” says Hawkins. “That is exactly what Hoopfest inspires. Hoopfest has transcended beyond just a basketball tournament to an embodiment of collaboration, support and community.”

Numerica knows that life is in constant motion, so they look for new and innovative solutions to reduce stress in order to live well. In addition to physical and mental wellness, financial peace of mind can play a large role on the path to well-being.

The one thing no one has enough of? Time. Here are Five Ways To Help You Live Well in 30 minutes or less:

  1. Exercise. Experts typically recommend being active for 30 minutes a day. As you are practicing your Hoopfest jump shot, continue that routine throughout the year. Imagine how much stronger your defense will be after a year of constant training.
  2. Figure out your budget. This can feel like an overwhelming task. So plug at it a little each day. See if your credit union or bank has the ability to create spending categories for your transactions. After all, how can you set a budget if you don’t know where your money is going? Numerica believes in the philosophy of, “Spend, Save, Share.” While everyone’s financial situation is different, this is an outline to where your money should be going. It shakes out to be spending about 70% of your income on needs, working towards saving 25% for both long-term and emergency savings and then giving 5% back to help support the community. Check out for more budgeting tips.
  3. Find your Zen. Take the time to find ways to reduce your stress. Perhaps it is using something as easy as online bill pay so you don’t have to worry about those monthly bills or taking the time to write a list to organize your tasks at hand. Meditation, listening to music or talking to a friend are all free ways to help catch that calming breath in the ebbs and flows of life. It’s important to take the time to find your happy.
  4. Plan for the future. Take steps today to plan for a better tomorrow. Especially when it comes to money, it can be overwhelming. So start small. Do you have a savings? Start there. How about an emergency savings? Okay. What about retirement? Use your 30 minutes to start a plan, review what you have and explore your options.
  5. Celebrate. Great day at work? Crank your favorite tunes and have a little dance party in the living room. Aced that test? A high-five for your efforts. Got a bonus or some money back on taxes? Take a portion and treat yourself. Life is all about finding balance. Taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate your achievements is an important element for long-term well-being.

Make sure to carve out 30 minutes of your time to tackle some of these tips on how to live well!

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