Our 2016 Map is Here!


This year’s Hoopfest map will be similar to last years, with only slight changes. The 2016 Hoopfest Map has relocated its Bridge Street courts from last year to a new location. The Bridge Street courts will find their new home on Mallon Street, in between Lincoln and Monroe.

We all know that during the summer, construction and restriping make getting around a pain. Be sure to leave your home or your hotel with enough time to avoid hitting traffic Hoopfest weekend.  With that being said, here are a few problem areas to take note of:

  • Monroe Street from 2nd Avenue to Main Avenue
  • Monroe Street Main Avenue from Browne Street to Pine Street
  • Main Street and Division intersection
  • Wall Street from Main Avenue to Spokane Falls Blvd.

Hoopfest weekend is almost here! To make parking and transportation easier, you can take our STA HoopLoop, or you can catch a ride to and from Hoopfest at one of our three Uber locations, shown on the Hoopfest map. And remember, you can view the Hoopfest Map on the Hoopfest App. You can download the Hoopfest App for FREE today from the App Store or Google Play on any smart phone!

HoopLoop Map:


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