Out with the old, In with the new: Net Day 2017

Many times, Spokane Hoopfest is solely associated with the tournament weekend, but what is often forgotten is Hoopfest’s commitment and desire to better the city of Spokane throughout the year with its love of basketball.

On Saturday, May 13, Hoopfest impacted the Spokane community again, one hoop at a time. We proudly refer to this outing as Net Day.

Who doesn’t love the soft swish of a net in comparison to the empty rattle of an old rim? Throughout Net Day, various members of the Hoopfest team drove all over Spokane in hopes of hanging brand new nets on hoops that need them.

Since 1990, Hoopfest has built over 30 community basketball courts in the region and donated over $1.6 million to local charitable organizations, including Special Olympics, community centers and various youth sports and learning programs to ensure kids have a place to get out and play. Not only did Hoopfest team members replace the nets on community courts, but also strived to swap out any worn down net they see: at a school, at a park or even in a driveway.

Our annual Net Day would not be possible without Lakeside Capital Group. As the Official Net Day Sponsor, Lakeside Capital Group provides the brand new nets hanging around the Spokane area.

“Lakeside Capital Group is honored to partner with Hoopfest for the 2nd straight year as the Official Net Day Sponsor,” says Angie Rothrock, Lakeside Capital Group’s Vice-President. “We found that Hoopfest closely aligns with our goal of positively impacting and strengthening our community. In addition to the massive impact Hoopfest has on our economy, we admired the diverse outreach programs Hoopfest also supports. Replacing worn nets, and watching youth and adults alike shoot around on courts all over Spokane is a win-win for our community.”

With the support of Lakeside and their shared interest in community betterment, transforming rims around Basketball City, USA is a Hoopfest tradition!

“Lakeside Capital Group is a great partner to work with,” says Bailee Neyland, Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development. “Not only are they an innovative, business-savvy corporation, but they are always searching for ways to give back to the community and remain involved. They are a perfect fit to sponsor our Net Day.”

Net Day is just one way Hoopfest and Lakeside Capital Group love to be involved in the community. We will also be in the Lilac Parade on Saturday, May 20, so be sure to give the Hoopfest paraders a wave!

If you are interested in serving the Spokane community with us and learning more information on ways you can contribute to our 501(c)3 nonprofit, please contact the Hoopfest office.

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